Saturday, August 14, 2010


Hi everyone!
Welcome to the new blog for all those people who love reading and discussing their books. This is the place to come to learn more about Literature Circles, find lots of great books to read, hear from others about books they'd love to share with you, debate issues in books and just generally value the place of books / literature in our lives.
We will have reviews of books on this site, podcasts and vodcasts of favourite stories. We will provide links to authors you can contact about their books and much, much more!
Please add your ideas about what you'd like to see on this blog.


  1. Looking forward to hearing from others, what books they have read, and if they would recommend them to us. :)Kiera.

  2. Room 4 have just joined the literacy circle books. We are loving these books and are enjoying talking about them. Please help us to get some ideas about what we can talk about. What do you enjoy chatting about?

  3. What an outstanding idea to showcase our love of reading! I look forward to seeing favourite authors and some great reviews from across our different learning groups!

  4. I love reading my favourite author is Jenny Koralek and my favourite book from her is the story night ride to nanna's her writing inspires me to read more and more of her amazing writing myross bush rules!

  5. I am a bookworm and think everyone should be able to lose themselves in a great book. My sister and I had the whole Trixie Beldon series when we were at primary school. Right now I'm reading my Dad's old Dick Francis books. Travis and Maria are reading Andy Griffiths Schooling Around series and Ben is loving Terry Pratchett's Discworld novels. They are quite ridiculous, so they suit Ben perfectly.