Friday, October 8, 2010

Ideas for books to add to our collection

Hi everyone
Keep the comments coming about favourite books. The children have enjoyed reading your comments
and seeing how many of the books you've read are still popular today.
This time, we'd love some comments about books you would like to see in our Literature Circle collection.
This can be for any age from 5 years up to 11 years.
Don't forget to become a follower. If you have any problems with becoming a follower, let me (Justine) know and
I can help sort this out.
I'm looking forward to reading your ideas!


  1. Kiera has been enjoying Geronimo Stilton, The Boy in the Dress, and Nancy Drew. Aidan has been into Zac Power, and Geronimo Stilton too. Bryce loves the Conspiracy 365 series (so does his Dad), I'm finally onto Book 10 of The 39 Clues, which Bryce wants to read next. We have had lots of others out from the ICC Library too.

  2. toad suprise, toad heven, geronimo stiltons, main streets, freak street, roald dahl, toad away 39 clues, freak street on holiday, flouds Beast quest skull duggery pleasnt, my wierd schools, ej12 girl heros, stick dudes dick king smiths charlie bone jane blonde poke,mons rainbow magic, war of the worlds.

    from rm7 and rm6.

  3. Hi Ellie here.
    I am into reading Geronimo Stilton, Freak Street, Roald Dahl and Harry Potter!
    It would be awesome to get some more Roald Dahl books and Geronimo Stilton books in the lituature circles boxes!

    Ellie :)

  4. The book I'm reading at the moment is called Blind Beauty. It's a book about a girl her horse and how she wants to be a jockey. I like this book because she never gives up on her horse even if people say it is hopeless. Emma.

  5. I like Andy Griffiths, world records

  6. I have really enjoyed Louis Sacher's Dogs don't tell jokes, There's a boy in the girls' bathroom and The boy who lost his face.
    I would reccomend these for 10,11 and some 9 year olds

    By Callum H =)