Monday, March 14, 2011

It's Your Turn This Week!

Hi everyone. As this is your blog too, I'd love you to come up with the discussion for this week. What would you like to talk about? Add your suggestions as comments and I will post new discussion topics - we can have as many as you like. Ask parents and grandparents and other family members about what they would like to see discussed on here. Make it your own. :-)


  1. Hi Mrs Hughes,
    here is something we could have as a discussion on the literature circles blog-
    If you could dress up as your favourite book character who would it be & why.
    See ya, sophie w

  2. Hi Sophie. Brilliant idea! You are the first one on. I hadn't thought of this for the discussion. What a great idea. i think I'd like to be a character out of Harry Potter because they have such great adventures!

  3. Hi Mrs Hughes, here is something for this weeks discussion: What we most like about our favourite character and what we hate about them,
    or if we could meet our favourite author who will it be and why would we like to meet them and what is the thing you like most about the book(s)

  4. Hi Ruby - that's about 3 discussions! Brilliant. What if we add another one of yours this week and another one next week?