Thursday, August 2, 2012

Welcome to Henderson Literature Circles!

Welcome to Henderson Intermediate's Literature Circles' blog. This blog was previously owned by Miss H when she was at Myross Bush School in Invercargill.  We have now claimed ownership of it and can't wait to share all the different books and ideas with everyone.

We are just learning about Literature Circles but we're quickly becoming professionals at them. 

Literature Circles is all about having fun, a love of reading and enjoying a good book.  It's also about a lot of discussion!

If you have any ideas, please share them with us by posting a comment at the bottom of this entry.  We'd also love you to become a Follower.

There will be lots of activities and questions for you to participate in, so come on in and enjoy the FUN with us!


  1. I am reading Beowulf the dragon slayer at the moment.The book is about a creature lurking in the dark murdering the kings men and beowulf comes to the land to slay the beast

  2. We will learn more about what my group and I are learning its very interesting and true by Melody,Jasmine,Peau

  3. I am reading a book named Captain Underpants.At the moment this book is about captain underpants becoming a superhero.
    By Christian M

  4. At the moments I am reading best Christmas ever it is a true book and it's a book that will blow your mind well not really but might do....


  5. Hi my name is Madison I am reading Holes by Louis Sacher. The book is cool and I am having a good time reading it.

  6. Hi our names are jaxson & Dominic.

    Together we are reading Hatchet(the first part the Hatchet cronicles). We are really looking foward to be reading more of it.
    Cause were AWESOME, and room 14.
    Lets not forget miss Hughes. (:

  7. I'm reading a sad book for weeks named after my friend "Maniac Magee" I choose to read this becuase of the long blurb at the back of the book.


  8. I'm reading the Hatchet( the winter which it is part three. It's a really good story and I really want to read more of that.

  9. I am reading the silent one and and it a boy that cant talk and he go the the ref and he sees a white trutle and that why i like this book becaues it has a great meaning to it by Emma