Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Hey everyone!
Your task from today's session is to discuss the books you've started today.  This will be a group comment so you need to include everyone's opinions - remember Any and All Ideas Count!
Be specific in your comments and remember to justify your opinion.

Think about the following:

*What would your character be like if you met him / her / it in the street?  (Add your comments below - I'm looking forward to reading them!!)


  1. Our group book is Point Blanc by Anthony Horowitz.

    The book is about this teenager named Alex is at school again, trying to adapt to his new double life. And again double homework. But M16 (His spy clan) have other plans for him. This book will fit to people that likes spies and secret agents. /Men In Black III/ Spy Kids and Spy Hunters. We are Dominic, Tom and Tim

  2. So our character is about a guy and his name is Minh. and he is a trouble maker and hes always running away form home. Some times hes always going into mischief and always fighting with his aunty and uncle and mates at schools.He has a sister named Maddie and a mum. BY: Melody, Peau and Jasmine.

  3. Hey there we are reading private peaceful by michael morpurgo and our charater we are doing it on is on Charlie never go to school he has a bother named Big Joe he get in to trouble charlie thinkes he is very funny and charlie and talkes about charile and his familys life.


  4. Bush wacked
    Jeni jones
    Aex frank
    The book Bush wacked is about three friend that go to school camp and they already going for a bush walk.

  5. Private Peaceful,written by Michael Morpurgo


    WE think that the book so far is about the grief of a young boy whose father has past away and is trying to cope with it.he has a friend called Charlie which is trying to help his friend get through his problem .

    We predict that if we could see and talk to these characters they woul be very smily and their words are very heart worming and when people ask about their past the become very anxious and you can easily see their grief and their heart aches of thier very sad past

  6. Our gruop is reading Rocco and the author is Sherryl Jordan. The character we were talking about from the story is Rocco Makepeace. He's the sort of person where strange things happen to him but no-one belives him. The story is about Rocco, who makes an unexpected trip to a mysterious place. The question is: Where is he? Or when is he? Can he get home? Or will he be lost forever?

    Group members: Sahville, Simon

  7. The Second Forever by Colin Thompson

    When Peter and his friend Festival destroyed the book called How to live forever so it no longer work it spell, they didn't know it would have disastrous consequences.

    Now, Peter’s world is in the worst drought ever-and Festival's world, inside the museum, is drowning. The only solution is to re-create the book.

    Can they reverse the water flow?
    And if they re- create the evil book, can they hide it so it can never be read again?

    By Rhiannon, Jade, Chyna, Jaxson, Fabian, Gidion,

  8. Fantastic Mr Fox,written by Roald Dahl


    The book is about a very smart mysterious fox who is always up to no good. He also steals especially DELICIOUS CHICKEN AND THE FARMER IS STEAMING WITH ANGER .TO BE CONTINUED......

  9. Private Practice
    Michael Murpurgo

    Q:what are the main events in the story so far ?
    A: As young Thomas Peaceful looks back over his childhood from the battlefields of the first world war, his memories are full of family life deep in the countryside. but the clock is ticking and every moment Tommo spends remembering how things used to be means another moment closer to something which will change his life forever


  10. Not sure which group posted this comment but don't forget to check the title lol- Private Peaceful rather than Private Practice.
    Don't forget to add your names to the comments otherwise we won't know who is writing the wonderful and detailed summaries. :-)