Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The First Task of the Week!

Hi everyone!  I am really enjoying reading your comments - great to see some discussion going on between people too.  Don't forget to add which group you are in - names :-)

Your first task this week is around AUTHOR'S PURPOSE:

Learning Intention:
  • Identify why the author wrote this text and respond thoughtfully to the author’s point of view.  (Why did the author choose to write this book – give your opinions / ideas).
Success Criteria:
  • Think about why the author wrote this text.  (What was he / she wanting to achieve by writing and publishing the text?)

  • Identify inconsistencies, gaps in the information given.  (Is there anything missing from the text that you think should be in there? - Be critical thinkers here).

  • Ask myself questions about what the author wants me to believe and what I want to believe.  (What is the author's message in the text - do you believe it?  Do you agree or disagree with it??)
Get the discussion going and be critically reflective about the author's purpose.


  1. We think the author (Anthony Horowitz) wrote this book (Point Blanc)

    because he wanted to continue the first story, to make the second part of Alex's second life. Also maybe to try to win the 2002 children book awards? (which he did)
    To improve our/children or anyone's vocabulary.

  2. Roald Dahl he wrote that text because he wants us to have a good imagination when we read one of his books its a bit interesting for us cause what ever he writes its a little strange. But when we read his book we think about the character how it would react on us when we read all of the chapter.

  3. The Second Forever
    by Colin Thompson
    Some more thing that Colin Thompson could of done.

    More descriptive words
    More descriptive characters/words

    by Rhiannon,Jade,Jaxson,Christain and Fabian