Thursday, November 1, 2012

Group Reflections on Literature Circles

Your task is to reflect on what's been happening in our Literature Circles programme over the last few weeks.  Has it changed your attitude towards reading?  Do you enjoy it more?  What is the value of it?  What's the difference between Literacy and Literature???  Be really precise and clear on this. :-)

This is your chance to sell this programme and encourage others to use Literature Circles in their teaching and learning. 


  1. What's the difference between Literacy and Literature???

    Literacy is all of the below
    writing, reading, spelling...

    Literature is reading and only reading!!!!!!

    Jade, Rhiannon, Jaxson, Gideon, Christian
    The Second Forever!

  2. Capri
    What we have been doing in the Private peaceful group is reading, doing cool activities and talking how fun the book is and what pages we up to so we can talk about it and we have been thinking of making a poster of a visual about the book and making it exciting

  3. Christian M

    What's the difference between Literature and Literacy?

    The difference Between Literature and Literacy is that Literature is nothing but reading and reading only. Literacy is reading,spelling,writing.

  4. i am learrning how festival is doing in the book :D chyna