Tuesday, November 13, 2012

This Week's Task

Recommend the Literature Circles book your group is reading to someone else.  Why should they read it?  Remember to include the title, author and your reflections.
If you use a quote, remember to quote correctly in the right format and include the page number the quote came from.


  1. My favourite part in the book was when Mr Fox came up with a really smart plan to get food WITHOUT going outside, because the farmers were waiting for him to come out to shoot him.


  2. I think people should read Fantastic Mr Fox becayse it's really interesting and inspiring, because Mr Fox and his family went without food for three days (the farmers got really angry at Mr Fox stealing all their chickens), but he still kept digging to find... Boggis' Chicken House Number One!

  3. I am reading The Second Forever and the author who did the liiustration was Colin Thompson.

  4. my group is reading private peaceful i strongly recommend this book to anyone who wants to read something that is warm hearted and relating to what people feel when their going through rough times and it is a book that is powerful with interesting facts and shows how you would live if someone passed of your relation etc , this book is also very good for spare time you would like to read something life changing
    Written by:
    Michael Morpurgo
    (heads up this book will surely make you cry)


  5. our book is called Maddie witch is by Brian Caswell and we should read this book because its amazing and its a real life.

    Do the right thing.

    BY:Peau,Melody and Fasitoo.

    1. What makes it amazing? What can you tell the readers about the reason for reading the book - is it the characters? The vocabulary used? The storyline?

      (Remember to proofread your comments too)

  6. Our group recomend a book called Point Blanc by Anthony Horowitz. This book is about a 14 year old boy called Alex Rider.
    He is a super spy, he was for a secret sociaty called MI6. The books category is about super spies, assasination and criminals.

    So I hope you read this book, at least once. :)

    -Timothy, Tom, Dominic, Toru and Logan.

  7. Miss Ikitau and Room 19November 13, 2012 at 1:44 PM

    This term Room 19 is enjoying reading about the Holocaust. One great book students have recommended to read from Room 19 is Hana's Suitcase by Karen Levine. Based on a true story.

  8. I am reading bush wacked by Jeni jones.
    I think you should read this book because its about a boy 3 boys who camp outside because they are Practicing for there real school camp
    Tre-d Keanu