Wednesday, February 13, 2013

If You Met A Character From Your Book in Real Life...

This could be an interesting discussion!  You're walking along the road and SUDDENLY!! - there, in front of you is a character from the Literature Circles book you're reading at the moment!!  You can't believe your eyes!

What would you say to that character?  What questions would you ask him / her / it about their life and the story you're reading?  How would they respond?

I'm REALLY looking forward to reading your thoughts on this one!!!


  1. Hi, I'm reading Only You Can Save Mankind by Terry Pratchett and the character I've chosen is the main character, Johnny. If I did see him he would probably say 'um' a lot, like he does in the book and he would be silent most of the time. If I could could ask him a question, I would ask him if he would replay the computer game he's playing when he finished it.

  2. Right now I am reading a book called Only You Can Save Mankind by Terry Pratchett. Also if I saw the character from the book, I recon the character will say a lot about games, like 'Have you played this game?'
    'Have you played that game?' If i had a question to ask him it will be.... Have you ever not complete a game before. :)


  3. I'm reading "The Hacth" book. It's a really good book because of Brian, he survise when the plane crashes the part winter. When you read the book you will get a image in your head. If he meeted me i'll be supirse because he will be the first one to meet, I always have qustions ready and i'll ask him.

  4. I'm reading The "HACTH" and it's a really good story. I've ot part one and part three and I only read some of part one and half of part three. If you read his book you will get a image in your head. The main character is Brain, survises in a plane crash.If I met him i'll be surprise and i'll get my question ready.


  5. I'm reading The HACTH it's a really good story to read nd he give you a image in your head. The main character was brian. If I met him I'll be surprise and I'll get my question ready. I've got part one and part three.(: