Friday, March 1, 2013

Themes in our Books

Hi everyone.  The discussion this week centres around themes in what we're reading.  We're just starting to explore what a theme is and how we can use our skills as great readers to figure out what the author's message is and the theme they are writing about.

Here are our first thoughts - our initial thinking - so join in the discussion and tell us about the themes in the books you're reading.


  1. My book is bridge to terabithia the theme is courage,respecting eachother,persisting,proud of themself,prepared for there journey

  2. Only you can save the Minkind
    Terry Pratchett

    In my group the main theme is Persistants.


    1. You have no trouble identifying the theme - awesome work.

      Remember to use the resources around you to check your surface features too - use the book itself and the HOM charts on the window for the other words :-)

  3. Holes

    The main theme in holes is persisting,striving to achieve book,prepared for the journey.

    Madison and chyna

  4. Our book Maniac Magee, the theme is all about respecting for others, bullying.

    -Tom, Tre-D, Keanu and Simon

  5. Hi my book is Bridge of Terabithia and i think my thoughts for thew themes is making friends and caring amd help his family and and friends

  6. My book is hachet the theme is about.
    Being a surviveal and never giveing up at all times

  7. Deighkotah and Chyna we are reading the bridge to teribethia and the main points and the main themes for our book is that they are striving to achieve there book,they are prepared for there journey,they are ready to go out on there journey

    Chyna Deighkotah

  8. You're starting to clearly explain the themes girls - great to see.

    (Remember to use the book itself to correctly spell the title if you're not sure).

  9. The theme in my book is about computer games and saving the enemies.

  10. The theme in my book {Holes} is continuing persistance, taking a risk even though its hard, and taking responsibilities. By: Taiana