Thursday, April 18, 2013

New Literature Circle Books

Hi everyone
Today you'll spend a bit of time reading your new Literature Circle books.  Think about the following questions and then add your thoughts as a group.

Remember to add your names to your comments and include the title of the book your group is reading.  Don't forget to think about what your audience needs to know - what you need to include in your comments - so that they understand what you mean.  Please also keep an eye on those surface features - all part of reader courtesy.

  • What made you choose your book?  As good readers, what made you decide that this was the book you were going to read?

  • Summarise what you've read so far.

  • Predict what may happen in the book over the next few chapters.


  1. Point blanc is a really impossble book because Alex rider have to save the wolrd in 90 minutes.

    By Toru, Logan and Keanu

    1. I agree with you - could be quite an impossible task...or is it...? You haven't written about what actually made you choose to read it. What choices did you make as good readers?

  2. We chose this book because some people suggested us to this book. Also the category (games) made us choose this book because most of us like to play games, so we want to see how the author described/wrote this book. Also aliens are adorable. -Jade :)

    So far we have read around chapter 1-3. The story so far hell has broken loose when a illegally copied game goes horribly wrong when the game starts talking to their player!

    We think the aliens are going to get blowen up to pieces. Or the aliens might become friends with the humans.

    -Timothy, Fabian, Jade and Jaxson

  3. I love the way you have described this book! I literally laughed out loud! I can't wait to read more of your thoughts as you get further through it. Keep up the great team work.

  4. I chose Bridge to Terabithia by Katherine Paterson because I watched the movie and I thought it was really cool. But I want to read the book and see the difference between the actual book and the movie. I want to see how the book tells the story instead of watching.