Monday, June 17, 2013

Exploring Our New Books

Hi everyone!
Last week we were very lucky to have some new Literature Circle books arrive in our room.
This post is just for a general discussion on what your books are about.  Please focus on the following:

What is the THEME of your book?
Which character has GRABBED YOUR INTEREST THE MOST?  Why - what has the author done to create the character so that this is the one you notice the most?


  1. The name of my book is Peter Pan
    The theme is a magical adventure
    The main characters are Peter Pan, Tinker Bell and evil Captain Hook
    The character that grabbed my interest is evil Captain Hook the reason why I chose captain hook is beacause the author made him the bad guy

  2. Name:
    Bridge To Terabithia

    Persistance and Education

    Main Characters:
    Jesse , May Belle , Leslie , Ellie,Brenda , Joyce Ann and Momma

    Grabbed Your Interest The Most:
    Jesse, because he got up early in the morning every day throughout the whole summer to practice for athletics.

    By Christian,Tre-d and Jahvis

  3. Tom, Jaxson & PatrickJune 17, 2013 at 2:42 PM

    The Second Forever

    The theme of our book is adventure.
    The main characters are Peter and Festival.

    When Peter and Festival destoryed the book called How To Live Forever, but Festival's world is flooding and Peter's world a drout. Will they be able to save the each others world.
    read the book to find out what will happen.

  4. My book is Night John the theme is torture and slavery.The main characters are Sarny and John. The character that grabbed my attention was sarny I want to know what she is going to do about why they cannot read...The author is Gary Paulsen...Read the book and it will grab your attention.The author made Sarny interesting because she is alway's curious?.

  5. The name of the book is peter pan
    The theme of the book is a magical adventure
    The main characters are tenker ball & peter pan
    The character that grabed my intrest is peter pan becuase he is magical.

  6. Rhiannon:) Sahville =DJune 17, 2013 at 2:48 PM

    Absolutely normal chaos
    Sharon Creech

    -The Theme: Absolutely normal chaos

    -Main Character:Mary-lou Finney, Carl Ray.

    -The Character we (Rhiannon and Sahville) like: Mary-Lou Finney.

    -Why: Because 1.She is telling the story. 2.We want to know how she puts up with her family. 3.Everything she writes is interesting.

    - How did the author make the character so interesting: 1. How it seems to say the story. 2. Her point-of-view is very interesting.

    Sahville =D

  7. Name of the book: Emily's legs.
    What is the theme of the book: Sad and happy.
    Main charactors: Emily, Muriel, Egbert and James.
    Which charactors grabbed your interest the most and Why: Emily because she is the fastes and she is nice except for her brothers and her sisters and I think that the author made Emily fast becouse she had ten legs.

    By Fabian and Toru

  8. Timothy and CapriJune 17, 2013 at 2:50 PM

    Name of book - Round The Twist

    What is the theme of your book - The theme is about the mysterios copying machine.

    Main characters - Pete, Linda, Adnil, Bronson, Fiona, Ms James, Nell, Hugh and Dad

    Which character has grabbed your interest the most - Timothy - Bronson becuase he is very naughty and very cheeky. Capri - Linda because she is pretty and smart with her thinking.