Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Hi everyone

Your task for this week is to SUMMARISE what you have read to date.  How well can you work together as a Team to do this??

Add your summaries as comments.


  1. Deighkotah'Rhiannon,sahvilleJuly 30, 2013 at 2:23 PM

    Absolutly normal chaos
    This book is about a family that has cousin that stays and doesn't do much except always gets up when food appears


  2. Patrick,DeighkotahJuly 30, 2013 at 2:26 PM

    Night John
    Sarny is a female slave who learns about a man whos been whipped kicked and hit she learns to read and write with the help of Night john...What do you think so far check the book to find out more

  3. Our group is reading PeterPan by J.M.Barrie

    So far we have read up to Chapter 4- The Flight
    This is when Peter, Wendy, John & Michael are Flying to neverland after meeting each other and making acquaintances.

    We are really looking forward to reading on and meeting the lots boys (In the book of course! =D)

    Jade, Logan, Tre-D & Keanu

  4. jelly bean

    This book is about a girl named geraldine. Her mother plays in the orchestra.And in pups to earn more money. And geraline has a cello lesson with a new teacher.And one day she made her friend a musian.

  5. We are reading the Second forever.So far we have read that Peter is now living in the museum, no one has been in the museum for a very long time. It is covered in lots of dust and is very still. Peter's world is in a very bad drought and festivals world is drowning, now they have to try and re-create the book.

    Taiana, Destiny

  6. The Silent One from Joy Cowley

    So at the start, Jonasi left the village and made a spear. Then he started fishing, and wanted to live underwater like the fishes, sea horses and black and white striped sea snake. Then he paddled towards a deep water marked by a line of white breakers. He was trying to chase a creature, but it was swimming away from him. When that creature popped out of the water it was a really big turtle! He saw the flippers, a pale gray head and a huge circle of shell as white as a flesh of a coconut.

    Thats all we read so far

    -Timothy, Toru and Tom (The 3 t's)

  7. jelly bean

    this book is about a girl named geraldine, which her mother plays in the orchestra