Monday, August 5, 2013

Tell Us About Yourself as a Reader

We're keen to find out more about you and what you like to read. 
When you were our age, what books did you like to read?
Did you have a favourite author?  Who is your favourite now?
What differences have you noticed between books then and now?
Why do you like to read books?
How often do you read books?
As writers, what technology did you use to publish your books?
Do you like to read books online or in hard copy?


  1. Hi Room 14, I used to read lots of Roald Dahl books. I re-read these now and they still make me laugh. I read every night before I go to sleep, I find it relaxes me. I like reading books in hard copy, I just love real 'books' although the online option is great for travelling.

  2. I loved adventure stories, historical fiction and non-fiction science when I was in Intermediate School.
    I didn't have a favorite author then, or at least not one I remember.
    Now I have so many... Iain Banks, Martin Amis, Jo Nesbo, David Sedaris, Tom Holt, Salman Rushdie, Elmore Leonard and James Ellory for novels.
    Books are deeply the same as they are structured then and now. The delivery and technology involved might have changed, human behavior hasn't.
    I read because it makes me happy, helps me relax, invites interesting thoughts to start and teaches me.
    I am completely not interested in the technology of publishing, I'm an author.
    I read hard copies of books, though I have an i-pad.
    Kevin Elmes

  3. I never liked reading and have struggled ever since. It is something that I look back at now and realise I wished I was able to find enjoyment in reading because at my age and at my stage of my professional career, it is holding me back from reaching higher positions. I never had a favourite author, I never connected with books. I loved the newspaper and biographies but that is all. I have only read two novels since teacher's College; the first Harry Potter and the Da Vinci Code. I may not read novels, but I will always read blogs, forum sites, news at least an hour a day. When I first started publishing, I published a book at my Primary School. It was a simple cardboard book with glued in pictures. I was lucky. I am young enough to use the first edition computers. On these computers, you had only one option for font and two sizes, normal and stretched. My attention span in reading is probably about 5 minutes maximum. Although I did read the Da Vinci Code in three days.

  4. Henry and Geoffrey Trease were the authors who introduced me to reading about vikings. I read all of their books at your age. My current favorite author is Peter F Hamilton. Books were all hard copy when I was at intermediate and libraries featured big time as all of us read voraciously.
    Books now are very explicit in describing relationships. This is really different for me. There was also much less young adult literature.
    I like to read books because they take me to other worlds of fantasy. They De stress me and inform me. They keep me young in the mind.i read every morning and every night.
    No technology for publishing back then only pens and paper or a typewriter.
    I only read on line now. I own a kindle and an ipad. I read almost exclusively on my ipad now.

  5. hi room 14. i too am a reader. i adore books. i have a room full of books at my house and there are always books on my bedside table. i have a silly rule that i finish every book i start! i must say thought that i must be a good chooser because i only break that silly rule maybe once a year. my fav author when i was a kid was anything by barbara cartland - she wrote historical romances! looking back i think they were pretty bad - but the girls in the stories were pretty strongminded chicks (yay). i also got a real passion for history by reading those books.i also loved beverly cleary - beezus, ramona, henry higgins - really cool kids (you can get beverly cleary books out of our library). my fav authors now are truman capote (breakfast at tiffanys, the grass harp), rebecca wells (the secrets of the yaya sisterhood-it that not the greatest title!) writers from the american south seem to be my thing - lanquid, evocative, descriptive, powerful characters - the setting of the south just resonates with me. Pat conroy - another southern writer!
    to kill a mockingbird - you will read that at high school. it will make you cry. i read a lot of books that make me cry (crazy or what!!) i still love historical fiction - i love history! i still keep a list of every book i read. i start a new one every year. so far this year i have read 32 books. currently i am buying a lot on itunes for my ipad - i have got 6 books sitting in my library waiting to be read. i am about to start 'the pursuit of happiness' by douglas kennedy - its a re-read. i have a bunch of books i continue to re-read cos i love em so name is nicki and i am a read-aholic!!!